Sassy Sunday 6

I think aiming to get this post out sometime during the actual weekends might work better.  I never manage to squeeze out my ‘Friday 5’ on an actual Friday.  Usually by Friday, I find about 2 notes pertaining to this scrawled hastily into the columns of my datebook. The intention is there, but then, of course, life takes over, and I never find the time to elaborate on them by the time Friday is through.

If I make this a regular Saturday/Sunday thing, I’ll be happy to toss in another point, too.  (For your enjoyment…and also for alliterative purposes!)  Anyway, I’m here NOW, so here’s a snapshot of things currently occupying space in my head…

  1. New job. New job. New job!  Yes, I have a new job, and I am both excited and a little intimidated.  I am happy to say that I am doing well so far, but the job is…both more formal and less formal than my old job.  I’m a little stressed, but the upsides include being allowed to wear basically whatever I want, and working downtown. (Next to records and fancy coffee…I have to be careful!)
  2. Blue lipstick.  Fashion’s 90’s resurgence has found me rediscovering my “old self.”  It’s interesting.  I find myself increasingly into things/styles I used to love more than 15 years ago.  Yep, I am still the same person!  It’s a little thing, but this weekend I got a dark blue lipstick for myself…and I adore it!
  3. “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching” -Thomas Jefferson
  4. Regular stretching.  My back is still less-than ideal.  I carry a lot of tension there.  Lately, it has been hard as a rock, and one of my shoulders was starting to feel locked up.  I don’t want to hurt even more, or be unable to do things, so I have been forcing myself to stretch out daily.  No excuses!  I am still creaky, like an un-oiled tinman, but my shoulder, at least, is starting to feel better.
  5. Sometimes Bluegrass is just so pretty.  Daydream of summer with me and check this one out! 🙂
  6. Acknowledging, although it is uncomfortable, that I have fallen back into a sugar addiction.  It’s not my favourite thing about myself, but I love sweet things.  I try to make healthy choices, but I also love chocolate, the occasional ginger cookie, aaaaand my partner is a baker.  This means that sometimes, the best of the best is fresh from the oven and right in front of me.  I’m not a robot.  It can be difficult to deny yourself life’s pleasures!

Lately, I haven’t been doing much denying.  My diet has not been my number one concern.  Granted, I still keep most of my old habits, like packing a healthy lunch and snacks and stuff, I just find myself indulging in addition to my pre-packed healthy stuff.  I’ve already noticed a difference in things like how I feel and how my skin looks, so I’m not going to let that continue!  

Rather than beat myself up, I am going to acknowledge my love of sweet things and work with it.  Some indulgences are ok, but some I know I can do without.  The real reward is feeling better, after all.  Instant gratification is for newbs.

Hmm…maybe we need to light a few more candles for spring’s return..don’t think the message is getting through!


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