My Storm Story

Everyone’s storm story is different, and hell, I’m home now on the EIGHTH DAY, so I may as well tell you ours. Oh, and I’ll try to throw in a few pictures along the way!

The Gremlin Rides at 5:45

It started at 5:45 this evening.  It began as a tiny whisper. Something about it having been a “stressful” Monday, and how nice a big glass of red would be.   Just one. It nagged at me, as it tried to convince me that one glass of wine was downright healthy.  Perfect with dinner.  A great... Continue Reading →

Honesty Time

Honesty time. After saying I was going to quit red wine, I did a thing that a lot of drinkers do; I decided that one last “hurrah” was ok.  You know, to say a proper goodbye. That opportunity was perfectly presented to me yesterday. My partner, who shall henceforth be known as Mr. Stardust, decided... Continue Reading →

You’re Already Fabulous

I have always loved that meme of the incomparable Patsy Stone. Not sure that she ever actually delivered the line in the picture, but it absolutely suits her character. I think, as we are doubtlessly still being bombarded with messages about how we could and should change, we could all use a little more Patsy.... Continue Reading →

Another Look at Alcohol

Recently I said something about quitting alcohol. Er...about that...  Yep, you guessed it, regrettably, this effort did not stick. I don’t think that I took it seriously enough.  I backslid. I fell back into red wine, and also I drank fancy gin and tonics over the Christmas holidays.  (I highly enjoyed them. Amazing with limes.) However,... Continue Reading →

I swear, I'm wearing these snow pants ironically. (Winter's hard on goths!)

Quitting “The Game”

I cringe when I go somewhere and see everyone staring at their phones.  Oddly, it reminds me of this one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode I’m thinking of shows up in  season 5. It came out in 1991, and is titled “The Game.”  In it, Wesley comes back to the Enterprise... Continue Reading →

It’s 4:30AM…

My partner came back to me from the ocean on Thursday. He missed nearly the entire festive season. Since he's finally home, we went out to a shed party tonight. We only just got home, so I guess it was ok! It was a good time with good friends, so no complaints there. However, One... Continue Reading →

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