Fitness, 6 Months In

The first time I took a jump rope outside I was absolute garbage. Tripping on the rope. Thwacking myself in the back of the head with it. I marveled that so many small children can master this with ease.

Time to Refocus on Fitness

I miss the gym. I’m one of those nerdy kids who discovered fitness late, and then became addicted.  I started running, and I got so into it that I eventually ran a marathon. I love weight lifting so much that I once did a bikini competition.  I’ve worked at two different (very different) gyms.  I’ve... Continue Reading →

A Large Afternoon…

Today has turned out dandy. ☀️Warmer than expected. I picked up a bunch of litter. 🍃Got some surf rock turned up🌊, and getting to some deck-friendly fitness.🏃‍♀️🤜 #Gratitude #GettingItDone

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