No Complaints…Lots of Time!

Ok, before I say this, let’s just accept that this is a statement of fact, and it is NOT a complaint, ok?

This shit is hard.

I am still riding the ‘no-complaint’ train. I know, I know, it’s been a while.  Today is day 3. Again. I have changed my bracelet since then, and yes, I still have to restart every few days.  I changed the bracelet because the little string that I was wearing was too unnoticeable. It even fell off one day and it took me a little while to notice.  Not very good for keeping it top of mind or giving the project importance. I still have to restart often because…this is me we’re talking about and I’ve got shit to say.  😉

It’s rose quartz; way more noticeable, plus, it’s super-pretty and supposed to promote love.


But boy, I have really honed in on those triggers.  It’s all pretty much like I was saying previously; the same old shit pisses me off, and a happy healthy, well-rested Jennnq doesn’t bitch very much at all.  Subtract a little sleep and get me underfed, and I’m under my own personal little dark rain cloud. The little dark rain cloud overhead makes this bracelet thing that MUCH more challenging.  I’m still here. I’m still working on it.

In other news, I am doing more with running again, or trying to.  I have my sights set on finally running the “Hypothermic Half,” which is a half marathon race run here in Newfoundland.  In February. So that’s 13.1 miles, in potentially icy, snowy, and definitely hilly conditions, while the good ol’ Newfoundland wind whips the snot outta ya. Sounds pretty badass to me!

It’s been a while since I have run more than a few miles, and a feel slow, and I need to kind of get back, you know?  I hope to let you guys in on my progress.  It’s going to take me a bit of goin’ to get myself from 3 plodding miles to 13 much faster ones.  Let’s do this!

Lastly, I am working on a new project!  I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I am excited! It’s going to be tied to this blog, and you shall be seeing evidence of it shortly.  (Part of me is already mortified, and part of me can’t wait!) I do hope you like it!

Wishing you light, life, and love,



Day 3: Good News, Everyone!


It looks as though I will be fortunate enough to have this lesson last for a loooong time!  It is…somewhat challenging to never complain.

I have finally arrived at day 3.  Honestly, this is the furthest I have made it so far without having to reset.  I have high hopes of making it to day 4.

Since this is going to take a while, once I finally get through with this, I might just have reprogrammed my brain. The repeated practice has already been more eye-opening than anticipated.  I had assumed that my complaints would be extremely varied. About random stuff. Instead, I have found that they fall into a few main areas. Here are some typical things that might elicit an involuntary complaint, and have me switching over my bracelet in short order: a mild disagreement between my partner and I about how things should be done around the house, being a witness to poor driving during my commute, and any time I am feeling unsatisfied with myself.

Other than all of that crap, I’m golden.  Clearly the solution is live alone in an isolated hut, doing nothing but eating salad, running, writing, singing, sleeping and practicing yoga. Problem solved.


Well, since that doesn’t exactly seem feasible right now, I suppose that I have to work with what life has given me.  I can see that my complaints seem to spring from the places where I am rigid. The places where deviation is not desirable, and where I will protest a movement from the status quo.  Interesting.

I know that I value needlessly rigid methods of organization.  I can only load a dishwasher in neat lines. I believe that there is a “correct” way to fold towels.  I read and follow laundry tags. I clean in a pattern. And then Jason comes along and he does things differently.  And sometimes, I guess I resent that he has disrespected one of my precious systems.  And, I don’t know, I suppose I wind up bitching because I take it personally. Game plan:  Realize that everyone is different, and be more grateful that my partner is good at housework!  Let go of what I can; the dishwasher isn’t personal.

As for driving, well…that’s obvious.  I really value safe driving because I am an anxiety-bag and I really like not dying.  It angers me when people are needlessly reckless, or they’re distracted, or they’re throwing coffee cups out the window.  Ok. Logical enough not liking bad behaviour isn’t crazy. Buuuut, complaining about it doesn’t help either. Game plan: Maintain a positive attitude while driving. If I see someone doing something truly inappropriate on the road, I can do what I can to get their plate number and report them.

I also know that I am more likely to complain if I feel like I am not achieving my fitness goals, if I’ve slept in too much, if I’m wasting too much time, etc.  I need to take care of myself to be in the right frame of mind to do this. Game Plan:  Do my best to live my best life.  When something goes wrong, forgive myself.  Also, take the time to work through/acknowledge negative emotions. Meditation=Better than bitching.

Indulging in your own personal self-abuse drama?  There’s your mildew!

Is this enough to get me through 21 days?  I hope so! It’s at least got to be enough to get me to Day 4!

Working to turn complaints into action,


Day 1: The 21-Day No Complaint Challenge

Subtitle:  Missus, Quit Yer Bitchin’

Full disclosure: I had to switch my bracelet over half a dozen times yesterday, so…today is my new Day 1!  We’re off to an auspicious start! (That wasn’t a complaint, I swear!)

Actually, this is completely ok and somewhat expected.  Proponents of this challenge, including Will Bowen himself insist that there is no shame in Day 1.  Here’s a video of him doing/struggling with the challenge. (It’s only 3 minutes long!)

But still, having to switch it like, 6 times?  Even I was a little surprised. I did notice that the complaints that surfaced were these bitchy little throw-away thoughts.  They were grumpy impulse vocalizations about little things around the house, for the most part. So, at the very least, I would say that I am already becoming a little more aware. We will see if that awareness pays off today!

On a totally different note, Jason brought home a foldable craft table yesterday!  I am very happy about this, because it gives me a space to set up my candle-making supplies in the basement!  Candles are fun to make, but a they are a bit time-consuming (they must be left untouched for many hours while drying) and always a little messy.  Up until now, my candle-making operations have been very limited. NOW I can definitely get a few going at once. Look at me, not taking over any kitchen counter space!

Got an outlet right above the table. BTW, those tights you see are handy for rubbing away slight flaws/ seams left from the candle molds.


Most people’s partners/parents/roommates do NOT want this to happen to their stovetop.  Candles require dedicated materials!

I am currently making a “Goddess” candle for myself.  It contains scrap wax from the last one I had, and I think it’s turning out to be a bit of a smokey blue.  I have zero complaints about that! (I use God and Goddess representation candles in my spiritual practice.)  

This is normal.  The first wax pour typically sinks quite a bit.  A second pour is required. It will look like a regular candle soon enough, I promise!

Anyway, having a little time right now to do things like make candles and putter around the house should put me in a very positive frame of mind.  Hopefully making it easier to cut out any and all complaints?

Either way, I am anxious to get the hot plate heated up and to get that second pour on the go!  I can’t wait to get this one out of the mold and onto the altar.

In light and love,