Interview With Krissy Holmes On Here and Now

There was a piece on me tonight on Here and Now.  🙂

I had a lovely conversation with Krissy Holmes yesterday, about my involvement in Canada’s Smartest Person.  Overall, I think it went fairly well.

My “Participant” image from CBC!

Perhaps my Paganism kinda takes over, but it’s hard for it not to, when my house is awash in stones and pentacles!  Anywho, it’s honest, and you can get to know THE REAL JENNNQ MARTIN a little better by watching it, if you’d like.

Plus, there are briefly naked ladies!  This is because Krissy asked I would draw tarot cards about my experience, and I agreed, and I drew three naked ladies.  This is quite a feat since I was only drawing three cards, and most of the cards in the deck truly are collections of cups and swords and the like.  (Also, two of the three cards were Major Arcana, which gives you some insight as to where this whole experience sits for me!)  So, yeah… naked ladies, pervs!  (Also my cat.  My cat is there the whole dang time.  Practically turned herself inside out for the camera person, actually.)

I can’t embed the video, so you have to click on this ridiculous word:



Can’t wait ’til Sunday when they air my episode!  (I will be posting more very soon!)

Well look who’s back in the blogosphere…