Critical Happiness

Hello, and welcome to my brand-spankin’-new blog!  🙂

If you’ve been following me for a while, or if you’ve ever read a “garden variety punk” post, then THANK YOU.   (If we’re completely new to each other, that’s awesome too…no presuppositions!)

If you want to know more about me, you can read what’s in the craftily-titled “About Me” section above.  Really though, I’m just another carbon-based life-form riding along on this tiny blue-green marble, hurtling through space at ridiculous speed, trying not to trip over my own shoelaces.  I’m no super-athlete.  Or super-genius.  Honestly, I’m not even that great in the kitchen either.  What I AM is someone who isn’t afraid to work hard, and who is driven by natural curiousity.

This leads me to my goals.  What am I hoping to accomplish here?  What’s the purpose of “Critical Happiness”?  Why is this site called that?  Why do l have to be so critical of happiness anyway?  I mean geez, what is my actual problem?  Why am I continuing to write these rhetorical questions to myself?  Will Tom marry Sue, or finally leave her for Rachel??  WHAT IS ANY OF THIS EVEN ABOUT???

*Ahem*  I do have a couple of ends in mind when writing to you, actually.  Firstly, I am a huge nerd, and I miss the work of blogging.  It’s good practice.  It’s fun.  It’s personal.  (It’s amazing how much better it looks by the third edit.)   I also know that I’m a sucker for genuine feedback, and that’s part of what makes blogging more exciting than writing in your diary.

Secondly, I need a way to represent myself that allows me the freedom to write as I please.  Here, I can create writing reflective of my ideals and visions.  Who doesn’t prefer their own rules to someone else’s agenda?  I get to be as rant-y as I want and that’s cool because it’s my blog.  In fact, I can talk about all the baddies if I feel like it; religion, politics, even about how funny pictures of Donald Duck with Donald Trump’s face are.  (Hint: very)


Thirdly, and most importantly, I am back, writing in this new blog because I want to share this crazy happiness-chasing life-journey thing with you!  As cheesy as it sounds, it really is a journey, and I don’t have all the answers, but I am at least open to sharing, and to connecting with other happiness-seekers.  You know who you are.

Critical Happiness

Now that you know a bit about why I’m here, what’s the deal with the name anyway?

On the most basic level, it means what it says.  Happiness is critical.  Life kinda sucks without it.  This blog is part of my belief that working to create and preserve happiness is absolutely vital.  It’s arguably the most important pursuit of your life.  If you don’t have happiness, you don’t have much.  If you live in a giant mansion but you’re miserable, you may as well be in any old hut.  Simple enough.

To get deeper into the “critical” thing, I also believe that thinking critically is a path to better understanding. Understanding leads to increased control over personal circumstances, and that personal autonomy leads to a better chance at happiness.  If you have at least some control over your life, you have a shot of feeling good about it.  That’s why a part of my concept behind this blog is an element of deconstruction.  Blind acceptance is dangerous.  Don’t assume the prescribed recipes for happiness are the right ones for you.  I believe in the validity of questioning them, testing them, and observing what some of the greats do. The better we become at taking in and evaluating information, the better we can be at unpacking real habits, ideas and ways of living that promote lasting happiness.

Lastly, I am keen to link the concept of happiness to the idea of critical mass.  Simply put, if you manage to do the right stuff, in the right order (e.g. good food, adequate sleep, reasonable exercise) you might just find that you wake up happy.  I love this idea of being able to push yourself, bit by bit, and piece by piece into happiness.  Like, if you lead the best life you can, you eventually just won’t be able to help it!

It’ll happen, like some kind of a happiness…



download (1)

(Honestly though, I hope it’s somewhat less violent than this.)

Let’s have some fun,



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