A Suddenly Quiet Extrovert

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Lately, trying to write anything at all has been nothing but a series of starts and stops.  I’ve revisited this piece off and on for the past week.  I write a little.  I rearrange it.  I delete it.  I get tired of it and shut off the computer.  I come back the next day and try it all again.  

Ironically, despite the “extra” time that I now have in my schedule, my creative output has dwindled down to nearly nothing.  It has not meant more words on the page.  In fact, I’ve been feeling like writing has become this insurmountably hard thing.  

I hardly know what to say.  I’ve never gotten deep into thought over what would actually happen during a pandemic.  I think I might still feel shocked.  It’s weird for me to not be able to write, but lately it’s like I can’t find any words. It’s shut me right up.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is atypical.  In fact, I feel like I am half-forcing myself just to write these words. 

Half-forcing, while the other half remains desperate to communicate. 

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I hope you’re doing alright considering the state of things!  Did I mention that I miss seeing you?  Did I mention that I love you?? Do you even KNOW how much I  LIKE you?!??? *Explodes into a rainbow of emotions*

I’m done putting this thing off, though.  I’m going to post on this stupid blog tonight, come hell or high water.  Even if I can’t muster up any sense of flow.  Even if I can’t manage to polish this post up to some kind of ideal standard.

Ugh.  I don’t even care if it’s pretty anymore.  

Look, I’m half-afraid to post because I feel like my privilege is showing with every word.  I feel like a total moron complaining about my “lack of productivity” while the world is in turmoil. It’s like… 

No one cares about your damn blog, Jennnq.  

Fair enough.  But then again, I guess I care.  I don’t have much to offer beyond words on a page, but they matter to me.  Even if they serve no more purpose than my own brief entertainment, that’s ok.  That’s something.

When this whole thing started, and I began working from home, I’ll admit that I thought of the silver linings.  There’d be no more commute.  I’d have more time with my family.  (Well, immediate family, anyway.)  There’d be more time to write and for creative projects.  Less time spent on trying to look nicer.  Less time spent packing lunches.

I never counted on how I would feel.  I never counted on becoming reacquainted with insomnia and my sleep schedule upending itself.  I never counted on how emotionally frozen I would feel.  I’ve lost motivation and focus.  

But like, it’s a pandemic, not a fun little experiment in telework.  Therefore, I am reminded that I must cut myself some slack.  The news and reality of what is happening in the world weighs on my soul, just like I’m sure it does for everyone else.  I was wrong to assume that I could corral my life into a tightly orchestrated routine.

Maybe it’s affecting you in weird ways too.  Maybe you haven’t had much of an appetite, or maybe you want to eat everything.  Maybe you’re a little more emotional over things.  Maybe you are feeling more surreal and detached.  Maybe you are having trouble sleeping.  Maybe you are sleeping too much.  Maybe you’re channeling your energies into something constructive.  Maybe you just can’t handle that right now.    

However you feel, this is a reminder that that is ok.  If you are still having some big crazy feelings about the pandemic (and also of course the current US situation), then that is normal.   Your unique response to the pandemic is ok.  If you haven’t been your best self, that’s alright too.

I also want to say hello.  (Desperate to communicate, remember?) I’m still here, although I’ve been quiet.  I really miss being around groups of people.  (Right now I actually have this crazy craving…I really want to go to an all-night sweaty dance party.  I want to be 25 and dance forever to techno music.  It’s totally impossible!)

I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from me more often now.  I am hereby forcing myself to write.  I’m so done with being frozen into nothingness.  I’d like to return to being my fiery self. 

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4 thoughts on “A Suddenly Quiet Extrovert”

  1. Welcome back!

    My drafts are full of abandoned blog posts.

    The fact that some of us are still blogging in 2020 is impressive. In the early 2000s, everybody and their mom had a blog, and now all these people can muster is a caption for their latest Instagram post!

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  2. Well put, Jennnq! I think this year has thrown everyone for a loop, not knowing how they should be acting/reacting to the current status quo, I know I sure have. I was laid off back at the end of November (not COVID-19 related obviously), so I got a head start on the isolation everyone is feeling. It was a rough few months; life wise, relationship wise, friendship wise, all over really, but I’ve now started a new job and things are moving forward, at least for me personally. I’m still at an utter loss as to what to do with the current happenings outside of my very little personal bubble and I feel like that may take a lot longer for anyone to come to terms with.

    I miss my friends in NL desperately. It has occurred to me since moving to NS, that I am awful at making friends! Most of the people I used to spend time with back home I had known for practically a lifetime, but here, I’m seeing my introverted self taking over and, other than Steph and 2 friends who moved here after us, my only real friend here in NS is my dog. Sure I have met a few people through Steph and work, but no true lasting friendships. I have NEVER felt more alone than I have in the last 6 months. I am excited about going back to work and looking forward to meeting new people. I am determined to create those friendships I have been sorely missing these past 8 years and, for once, I’m looking positively at the future, at least my own future if not the world’s.

    I love you and miss you and wish you all the best in YOUR future as well!

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    1. Yes, we should have figured out how well we got along a bit earlier. That would have been nice!
      It’s hard to make friends as an adult. A little uncomfortable for sure! At least work will foster some social connections.


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