You’re Already Fabulous

I have always loved that meme of the incomparable Patsy Stone. Not sure that she ever actually delivered the line in the picture, but it absolutely suits her character.

I think, as we are doubtlessly still being bombarded with messages about how we could and should change, we could all use a little more Patsy.

Unhealthy habits or not, Patsy wasn’t about to be shamed into doing anything she didn’t want to do. She wore what she wanted, dated who she wanted, and she never seemed to doubt her own effortless cool, dahling.

I always liked her character, and I adore her self-confidence. Nothing wrong with continuing to be you, when being “you” is awesome!

I know that all of this is a little ironic, given that I just posted about wanting to quit alcohol, which is obviously an effort to make a change to myself.

Yes, it’s a resolution, but I do NOT think that everything about me needs to be remade “new.” Nah. Too much work. Besides, I mostly like me. I am ok with making a few changes here and there, but I am not going to pressure myself to become someone I’m not. I always want to make these resolutions/choices based on positively-motivated goals. Goals that serve me.

I never want to be inspired by a dubious sales pitch, or one that tries to shame me into feeling bad about myself. I guess that’s why I really don’t buy into gimmicky trends. No magic shakes or pills for weight loss. No overpriced gummy vitamins for thicker hair. No product that’s over-hyped or that makes insane, unverified promises at all, really.

I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I feel that I used to be far more gullible. (I once would have made a good “mark” for a pyramid scheme, I swear!) These days, I am a little too jaded and sarcastic to mindlessly accept the snake oil.

And sometimes it’s good to have healthy doubt! Is that product safe? Are the claims substantiated? Does your body ACTUALLY need an expensive sachet of herbs/potions/powders so that you can “detox” properly? (Spoiler: no!) It’s easy to get caught in the swindle and to think that you need to be “fixed.”

Well, how about another resolution? How about we embolden our inner Patsy Stone when overblown sales pitches come for us!

Because we can all stand to improve a little, but you’re already fabulous.


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