A Great Night’s Sleep and a Productive Tomorrow

10:30PM really snuck up on me tonight. I’ve taken a late Christmas vacation. I’m no longer accustomed to going to bed remotely early. Been leaning a little too hard into the whole “night owl” thing, I suppose. I really have to make this fast, because I have work in the morning.

I don’t ever really talk about my job, partly because it is very boring to talk about, and partly because it is one of those jobs that you’re really not supposed to spend a lot of time discussing publicly. (Believe me, I don’t want to bore you with the more bland details!) That said, I’ve gotten a (kind of?) promotion at my somewhat beige job, and it starts tomorrow!

I say “kind of” because while yes, it is a promotion, it’s an ”acting position.” That means that after the term of my position is up (in April), I could wind up going back to my current position. (Hoping that doesn’t happen, but we shall see.)

Anyway, same workplace, new role. I’m super nervous because now I have to be more of a resource person for some of my colleagues. Yikes. People depending on me. I’ll be trying to do everything to be as by-the-book as possible.

It may not come as a shock to anyone that I’m not an overly “square” person. I have to force myself into the more regimented parts of the job. I excel at the person-to-person stuff with clients. I like to think that I’m usually pretty decent at “getting” people, and at being a real human being.

I don’t know about this. I’m comfortable in the wings. I feel like I could be a really good political speech writer. I also know that I’m ok with the spotlight. I don’t mind singing or acting in front of a crowd. Being in a mentor/resource person role though? Totally different. I’m so comfortable just doing my own thing. The idea of anyone’s success being directly tied to me is…uncomfortable.

Come to think of it, I really ought to have done to a little ritual to feel ready. Perhaps bedtime could wait but a moment longer?

Here’s to a great night’s sleep and a productive tomorrow,


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