Welcome 2020!

This year must really appeal to advertisers. Not only is it wonderfully pretty and round, but then there are all of those associations with vision and progress. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ve already seen some ads playing with the whole “visionary” concept by now.

Which is too bad, because it’s going to become stale and ho-hum, and it’s going to be used to sell the worst crap ever. We* here at Minerva Stardust wish to remind you that you can be your own visionary. All you need to do is set your own goals and make actual concrete plans to achieve them.

You do not need expensive snake oil from some “boss babe” in a multi-level marketing scheme. You do not need to buy into a crazy expensive exercise fad. You do not need any guru to tell you what to do. Get quiet. Visualize (I know, I know) yourself attaining the goals you dream about.  Make a detailed plan for how to get there. How much closer will you be in a month to bringing your goals to fruition?

So, as we shake off last night’s potentially drunken welcome to the new year, let’s take a moment. Not a moment to make a list of crazy, unattainable resolutions, but to set goals, and make actual plans to achieve them. Once you have that much direction, the true challenge lies in the follow-through. But, as they say, great things are worth the wait!

Yours in perfect love, perfect trust and perfect curiousity,


*usage of the royal “we”

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