Breathing New Life Into the Old Blog

Any time the women in my family get together, the conversation inevitably turns to fitness.  Makes sense. My mom is a national-level powerlifter.  (She just came back with a silver medal from a national-level competition!) My sister is a massage therapist and busy mom who still competes in figure and fitness competitions.  Me?  Well, even though I’m non-competitive, I still have the fascination.  I am genuinely curious about health and wellness.  Always have been.  My thought of a good time might be thumbing though my copy of Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body, or listening to a long lecture on the latest nutrition science and taking notes. I deeply am fascinated by how we effect ourselves through food and exercise.

Standard disclaimer: I like to read things about health, watch documentaries and listen to lectures.  I probably know more about health/fitness than average.  However, as of this writing, I do not have any formal health education. In other words, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I am only a curious amateur.

This is all just armchair research coupled with a belief that we may not always get the complete picture from the medical establishment.  That’s logical enough. It’s automatically harder to sell medicines to people who are aware of all the treatment options available, or even, as morbid as this sounds, to people who never got sick in the first place.

I can’t promise you that you’ll never get sick, but I can promise that I will start to put my curiosity about what it takes to be healthy to good use.  I promise to always write with honesty and integrity, cite any and all sources that I’ve included, admit when I don’t know something, and to never intentionally try to mislead. I will always try to present as unbiased and clear-headed a viewpoint as possible on any topic I cover.

Well, for once, I can actually say that content is forthcoming!


One comment on “Breathing New Life Into the Old Blog”
  1. You go girl! Doctors (most, not all) operate in the sick-care environment, they were taught to cure by prescribing drugs… fitness enthusiasts operate in the healthcare environment.

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